You Grow Your Own Organic Food

Growing your own organic food is a great idea for many important reasons, especially in today’s world of unlabeled frankencrops that shows up on the grocery store shelves.

Long gone are the days of the high quality family farms that produced healthy, nutrient dense vegetables, fruits, herbs, and animals in the United States and in many other nations too.

They have been replaced by big corporations, in many cases, aided by unjust laws geared to protecting the big corporations that do not care about the people they sell their products to nor the crops and animals they grow and raise for human consumption.

One of these mega corporations, Monsanto, has caused much grief all around the world with their “roundup” ready frankencrops that the scientific community has concluded are, by far, hazardous to human and animal life.

It is a known, wide spread fact that many farmers in India have committed suicide because of being forced to use Monsanto’s genetically modified crops seeds that will only grow once and will not seed for future use.

Further, the GMOs are reportedly causing horrific, debilitating illnesses such as tumors, cancer, birth defects, abnormal kidney cells, and sterility… to name a few.

During the great depression in the last century in the United States of America 90% of the population were farmers. Yet millions of people died from starvation during that era.

Currently only 10% of the population in America are farmers. This fact could actually be a formula for disaster for many people. Could this be a major reason why it is important for you to consider growing your own organic food?

The vast majority of the people are dependent on whatever they can find on the shelves in the grocery stores. This is largely due to the manipulation of the laws, rules, and regulations that favors “big agriculture” whom, in my opinion, is solely motivated by profit. One only has to look at the mega bucks the law makers rake in from lobbyist groups pushing their agenda. And then presto, like magic, crazy, ill conceived, dangerous laws are put in motion that only benefit the owners that bought and paid for the laws to be enacted to the detriment of everyone else concerned.

When you grow your own organic food you can be sure that you are eating healthy, nutritious food without a dangerous cocktail of pesticides, herbicides and other life threatening toxins.

We, at You Grow Your Own Organic Food .com will share lots of tips, techniques, methods, alternatives, and goodies to help you make better choices for yourself and your loved ones.

We will be addressing health and healing with organic foods, growing organic foods, how you can benefit from eating raw organic foods, cooking organic foods, how you can still cook if there is a power outage, the best methods for purifying your water, and so much more!

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With the foods that we were meant to consume… bon appetit!

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