A Greenhouse For Your Organic Garden

Volunteer Park Conservatory, 1914

For a lot of gardeners, being able to say that you are the owner of a greenhouse is a dream come true. A greenhouse is a way to keep the growing season from ever leaving or a way to turn your gardening hobby into a lucrative profession. But there are many factors to consider when constructing a greenhouse for your organic garden, which we will tackle below.

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Things to keep in mind about greenhouses

First things first –what is the cost of building a greenhouse? Greenhouses come in many different shapes and sizes, to use the common phrase. It can be as simple as a $500 shelter for your plants or an elaborate solarium built as an extension of your own home. The latter could cost a fortune and then some.

You need to ask yourself, how much are you willing to invest in a greenhouse? The final tally will depend, of course, on the quality of materials used, the size of the greenhouse and, finally, whether you decide to hire a professional contractor to build it for you or build it yourself.

In addition, on top of the construction costs, there is also the operational cost to consider. There is the matter of the heating inside the greenhouse. This is another investment you need to consider…

With this in mind, you should realize the vast number of options available to you when it comes to the topic of greenhouses. Simply put, building one may not be an easy task for the inexperienced builder.

Do You Really Need a Greenhouse?

Ultimately, to help you decide whether you should invest in a greenhouse or not, first ask yourself the question: what do you need a greenhouse for?

Organic gardening has always been possible without a greenhouse. Unless gardening is a long-time hobby of yours, or if you plan to produce all of the food for you and your family, then yes investing on a greenhouse might be a good idea. So will this be a mainly functional greenhouse, hidden from plain view of onlookers? In that case, a simple greenhouse worth around $500 to $1000 investment will do.

If are you looking forward to incorporating a large greenhouse as an extension of your home, complete with a sunroof… then a much larger investment is necessary to fund this project.

Making the Final Decision

If you decide to have your very own green house…it will more than likely be a great decision. You will have a dependable supply of food for you and your family’s needs. A greenhouse is no doubt a beneficial pursuit even if it is just gardening as a passion and a hobby. It’s only a matter of the kind of greenhouse you want and how much you are willing to spend on it.

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