About Us

I had the opportunity to live near my grandfather (the only living grandparent I ever had) for the first five years of my life.

He was an avid gardener and taught me a lot about gardening that has stuck with me throughout my life.

Fortunately, both my parents also loved gardening. In fact, most of the vegetables and fruits that I ate growing up came straight from my own backyard.

My parents never used pesticides or herbicides on the food they grew. It tasted so much better than the sprayed, irradiated produce found on the grocery store shelves.

As an adult, I have studied the use of organic foods as sources of healing.

I made it a family tradition of my own to pass the knowledge on and teach my children how to grow beautiful gardens full of yummy organic fruits and vegetables.

I’m proud to say that they all have green thumbs too! :-)

I hope you will visit our website often and take advantage of the in-depth information we share.


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