Benefits of Solar Ovens For Cooking

Solar oven with better reflector

People have known the powers of the sun for thousands of years. But it was only recently that we’ve truly harnessed the sun’s capabilities in reducing our fuel consumption. Cooking is not an exception as solar ovens are gaining popularity for the many benefits they provide us with.

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Solar Ovens

A solar oven is a device that utilizes the energy emanated by sunlight to heat or cook food or drink and even for sterilization. It doesn’t use any fuel or electricity and doesn’t produce fire and smoke. The principle used is through concentration of light. Reflectors made from polished glass, metal or metalized film are positioned inside the oven to increase the heating powers.

Watch this video of solar oven cooking. Cooking with SUN!

Why Should You Consider Using a Solar Oven?

  • Safe and Convenient – You simply place the pots of food inside the oven and go about your work for several hours. You can even leave the house without worrying because it will not burn your food and set your house on fire. The mild temperature can roast meat, bake fish, bread or cookies, steam vegetables, cook rice, pasta, lentils or beans.

The even heat ensures the food doesn’t burn. No need to stir either and the bottom of the pot or pan will not have any residue of soot after cooking. This means less scrubbing and less frustration in removing those grits. Some models hold more than 1 pot which is convenience at its best when you’re cooking several courses in a meal.

  • Portable – Solar ovens are completely portable. You can easily carry it out onto the backyard or even bring it with you on your outdoor recreational activities such as a picnic, hiking or camping. A solar oven weighs no more than 10 pounds.
  • Eco-friendly and Affordable – By using a solar oven, you reduce your carbon footprint. You will not use any fuel unlike gas ranges. You will not have to use wood from trees either in order to cook your food the old fashioned way. The cost of a solar oven is affordable as well.
  • Good for your Health – Solar cooking is good for your health in more ways than one. First, there is no smoke so you needn’t worry about developing a lung disease from the smoke. Also because there is no fire, there is no danger of getting burned.  The food is good for you because of the healing energy from the sun.
  • Moderate cooking also ensure your food stay nutritious. The natural moisture together with the vitamins and minerals of your ingredients are retained giving your meal exquisite taste and your body more energy. Drinking clean water will not be a problem wherever you are because you can pasteurize water using only solar energy.
  • If your power goes off for any reason… you can still cook using your solar oven!


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