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For Your Organic Garden Use Manure, Green Manure
Picking the right type of materials to help your plants along the path of getting healthy can be a tricky process. One of the more popular methods is of course using manure since that was how the gardeners of the past did it. However, if the thought of using animal poop puts you off, you can always use green manures for your organic garden. Image by cogdogblog via Flickr What Exactly is Green [...]
Garlic: Easy Growing and Storing
Are you interested in growing garlic in your own garden? If so, you have made a very beneficial choice!  Growing garlic is easy and fun! You do not need to have a green thumb to perfectly grow them. Also, garlic can grow in most conditions – cold or hot weather and it does not need much pampering, and it requires very little maintenance. Image by CarbonNYC via Flickr Another good thing about [...]
Unframed Raised Beds For Your Organic Gardening!
In a previous article we talked about the benefits of having framed raised beds for your organic garden. In this article let’s take a look at the possibility of having unframed raised beds for your organic garden. As far as raised bed gardens goes, this method may be a better choice to start with because it takes less time to build them and they cost less since you don’t have to spend extra money [...]
Growing Your Own Organic Green Vegetables
Have you ever thought of using your own organic garden to grow various green vegetables for food and for medicinal purposes? Many different cultures have used food as medicine for centuries.   Image by Alex E. Proimos via Flickr Be Wise – Be Health Conscious When the state of your health is at stake, you need to pay extra attention to everything you eat and drink. It is best to remember [...]
Saving Seeds – Saving Money!
Do you own an organic garden? Are you planting your own fruits and vegetables? Do you want to know how to save up more money aside from having your very own fruits and vegetables? If so, saving up your fruits and vegetable seeds is the best way to do it!   Image by Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr When you grow plants – be it fruits or vegetables, you become economically wise since you [...]
How to Get Rid of Weeds from Your Garden
Imagine this, you have given a lot of your time and effort in making your garden beautiful. As you look into your garden each day, you begin to notice uninvited, little creatures that seem to be invading your garden. Weeds are everywhere! They compete with your plants and they become unsightly for you! Image by Tony Fischer Photography via Flickr Now, you are in the process of thinking of the [...]
Preserving Fruits and Vegetables with Dehydration
Tired of eating plain fruits and vegetables? Do you want to try a different way on consuming them? Or, do you just want to find out how to save them in order to be consumed later? One sure way of preserving your fruits and vegetables is through the process of dehydration. Image by TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋) via Flickr You may have heard about or seen people dehydrating their food. This is because [...]
Canning of Fruits And Vegetables Made Easy!
When the time of harvest has finally arrived, you can enjoy the fruits and vegetables you have planted during summer. Often times you will find some of the fruits and vegetables are in excess and you do not know what to do with them. Having that kind of dilemma, you may want to engage in canning your fruits and vegetables.   Image by Nina Matthews Photography via Flickr Canning to the Rescue The [...]
How to Build Raised Bed Gardens, a Practical Solution
Are you having a hard time with maintaining your garden? Or, do you feel like your crops or flowers are not getting enough nutrients from the soil? Fret not – Raised bed gardens can come to the rescue! Image by PermaCultured via Flickr What Are Raised Bed Gardens? Raised bed gardens, also known as garden boxes, are built on top of your soil. They are perfect for cultivating soil and for growing [...]
Container Gardening for Plant Lovers
Container Gardening is an art form where you can plant flowers, small plants and ferns in a pot or a container. Most of the time, people use pots made of terra cotta for their container garden, but people also use plastic pots and a variety of other containers.   If you want to start your own container flower garden, maybe you’re wondering which ones to plant? Here’s a small guide of which [...]
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