Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Pest Grasshoppers from Your Organic Garden

GrasshoppersGrasshoppers can be voracious vegetation eaters. This makes them one of the most disliked pests by gardeners. They eat almost all types of vegetation and sometimes come in large swarms which can greatly damage your garden.

Organic gardens can be harder to maintain and can be more appealing to pests such as grasshoppers because of the all-natural food supply the garden presents. To get rid of these pests without going against the organic rules that your garden maintains, here are some useful tips.

Image by Jason Riedy via Flickr

Make Friends with the Garden Helpers

  • Let some helpful fowl loose. Before planting in the target garden, let some chickens, ducks, or turkey loose on the ground and treat the place as their feeding area. They can forage for grains, insects and other edible bits. Once seeds have been planted you can build a protective fence around the garden to keep the fowl away. This fence can keep the fowl just near enough to munch on grasshoppers when they pass around the fence of the garden.
  • Another great helper with this organic garden dilemma of having grasshoppers is the guinea pig. They apparently love grasshoppers and can work similarly the way the fowl do. The fence will come in handy so they won’t feed on what you have been growing.
Here’s a video about the pest in the organic garden.

Natural Ways to Combat Grasshopper Pests

  • Try the all-purpose flour technique when the grasshoppers are attacking. Dust the plants with organic all-purpose flour. How does this work? The flour on the leaves being eaten by the grasshoppers will form a sticky paste in their mouths which will make it difficult for them to eat. When they swallow a lot of this flour, the grasshoppers actually get sick and this makes them not want to eat. Make sure to use the old-fashioned type of all-purpose flour though. Self-rising ones have salt which will not be good for the leaves and the soil.
  • Use some natural insecticides. Neem is known to have natural insecticide and disinfectant properties. Insecticides made from neem extract will kill the grasshoppers but won’t harm the plants. You may want to try looking for some neem leaves to burn or smoke the garden with if possible. This drives mosquitoes and other insects away from the area too. Another effective natural repellant is hot pepper wax. It’s hot, and it makes the insects which eat leaves go away.

With using these eco-friendly tips, your garden will not be overrun by nasty, destructive grasshoppers! And the plants you have been taking good care of can stay healthy and free from toxic pesticides.


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