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Picking the right type of materials to help your plants along the path of getting healthy can be a tricky process. One of the more popular methods is of course using manure since that was how the gardeners of the past did it. However, if the thought of using animal poop puts you off, you can always use green manures for your organic garden.

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What Exactly is Green Manure?

Just in case you might be wondering what on earth green manure is… it is actually the predecessor of the plants you are planning to grow. They are the one have died and now they can be used to enrich the soil.

They simply decompose and have their nutrients benefit the plants you are going to be planting in your organic garden.

Green Manure Types

The types of green manure can be the Legumes which work to fix nitrogen into the soil… some plants will need more nitrogen than others.

  • Legume Green Manure

Some examples of legume green manures can be soybeans or some clovers. This can work quite well with collecting nitrogen from the air and transferring it to their bodies. Once they die, the nitrogen they collected will be then transferred into the soil, making it rich and healthy.

  • Non Legume Green Manure

Examples for green manure that are not legume can be ryegrass and good old fashioned oats. They grow quite easily, especially in the cold seasons, and they will also be easily absorbed by the soil once they decompose.

Here is a short video from which talks about green manure. Enjoy!

How to Use Green Manure

The best time to plant green manure for your organic garden is when there is the rainy season in your specific area… nice showers of rain keep your plants wet as they germinate. This is very important since the lack of moisture can damage the ability of your green manure to produce and retain their nutrients.

If rain is absent, then you will have to make do with watering them yourself and when they start to flower, you have to dig them back in so that they can perform the task you need them to do.

Oh yes, just for the record,… in my opinion… there is nothing wrong with using animal manure for your organic garden… especially if you have animals like chickens, goats, and horses that are range fed and that eat organic food. Their manure will also be great for your organic garden too. :-)


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