Grow Your Own Organic Edible Hedges For Both Privacy and Food


Since you have your very own organic garden… with all the flowers, vegetables and fruits planted in your garden you may still feel that something is missing!

You want to sustain your garden since animals are on the loose and you want any unsightly surroundings to be diminished. However, you may not know what to do. Do not fret, growing organic edible hedges can be the perfect solution for your problem!

Image by Son of Groucho via Flickr

Why Organic Edible Hedges?

In simple terms, hedges are rows of shrubs planted in your garden or along the periphery of your property to act as panels, partitions or fences. Basically, these hedges act as a barricade for some animals or any intrusive eyes.

With hedges, you can shape plants in the way you want too. Since these plants can be trimmed into formal structures or into natural shapes. When you shape hedges, you add structure and definition to your garden, making it more sophisticated and refined.

Aside from those mentioned, the best thing about garden and periphery hedges is that they can also be a good source of food.

Different Functions of Hedges

Before anything else, you should know the different roles of hedges in your garden. You can either use them as a privacy, barrier or divider hedges.

  1. Privacy hedges. They are also termed as privacy screens. They are primarily responsible for viewing or hiding objects in your garden. Depending on what they are blocking, these hedges can be at an eye level or higher than that. The best privacy hedges you can use are evergreen hedges since they are fast growing.
  1. Barrier hedges. Most of these hedges have thorns such as roses and pomegranates. They function mainly as barricades for animals and people who are trying to cross your garden area.
  1. Divider hedges. These hedges define the boundaries of your garden. They are used for knot gardens, hedge mazes or for the provision of backdrops and other decorative usage.

Edible Hedges – Perfect for Your Garden

Aside from using these hedges for privacy, barriers or dividers, you can also use them as edible hedges. There are plenty of shrubs that can be eaten such as blackberries, cherry plums, wild pears, hazels and a lot more! With these shrubs, you can make jams, syrups, jellies, vinegars or vodkas.

How to Grow Hedges

Basically, you have to remember that in planting hedges, you need to consider how wide you want them to grow. With that, you should plant them as far apart as you want your hedges to grow wide.

You need to have heavy clay as your soil. But, you need to improve its texture by putting in compost and other organic materials to make it fertile and improve its water-holding capacity. After planting hedges, you should water and mulch them as much as possible to help them grow healthy and fast!

 Watch this video of growing a Sedum hedge.




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