Grow Your Own Organic Herbs and Use Them for Food and Medicine

Veggie Garden, mid June

Herbs are a great addition to any organic garden. Not only is it a good idea to grow fruits and vegetables, flowers and edible shrubs and hedges but herbs can come in handy too. So if you are in the state of planning what to plant in your garden… consider adding herbs to it.

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Herbs have its long history both as food and medicine. For food, these herbs are used as spices in many dishes. On the other hand, herbs are used as medicine in treating certain ailments and illnesses.

Originally, herbs are harvested from the wild. However, they can also be grown organically at your home. The basic concept of organic herbs is about growing them using natural compost and other organic materials to be added to your soil without the utilization of pesticides or chemicals. The best thing about growing organic herbs is that they can be planted at any climate and can be preserved for later after the growing season is finished.

The Benefits of Growing Organic Herbs

The convenience of having organic herbs in your garden is indispensable. You need not to rush to the market or drugstore just to purchase the herbs you need. Whether you need them as spices or medicine, when you grow them yourself… these herbs can guarantee you that they are safe for consumption.

What To Plant?

If you do not have any idea which herbs you should plant, here are some suggestions that may help you get started… there are many more besides what’s listed here:

  1. Basil. Aside from using this as a spice, use this herb as a treatment for headaches or any pain you feel. Rub the crushed leaves or place the basil leaves in boiling water… to make a tea, or a poultice.
  2. Lavender. This herb treats inflammation and infection. You can use it by crushing the herb and pouring it in boiling water…to make a tea, or a poultice.
  3. Parsley. This herb works by boosting your immune system. Try chewing some after eating foods and you can get rid of the unpleasant smell from your mouth.
  4. Thyme. You can drink tea from lemon thyme as a treatment for colds.
Watch this video about how to grow your own organic foods.

How To Grow Them?

You will be needing pots, natural compost, fertilizer, sunlight and other organic materials. The key to growing them organically is through enriching the soil to make it fertile. Fertile soil brings the nutrients to the herbs you are planting. Also, you need to water them every day and expose them to sunlight for them to grow healthy and strong!

 ”Organic” is the best thing that happened to food marketers.

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