Growing Your Own Organic Food Using Natural Gardening Methods

Organic Food

For eons indigenous people throughout the world used gardening methods that guaranteed healthy, nutrient dense crops that they could rely upon every growing season.

Then along came big agricultural businesses that created systems that had no consideration for the land or the people. They continually use pesticides, herbicides, and barbaric methods that guarantee crop failure, nutrients depletion, destruction of the land, and more and more extreme measures to achieve any output of food.

(Image by ntoper via Flickr)

The trouble is… the bugs won’t eat the “food”. So why on earth would anyone think that it is safe for human consumption? And this toxic “food” is sold for sky high prices. It is so sad that people are spending a fortune to slow poison themselves.

Here is a movie you can watch for free… the full film, that will show you exactly what to do to get back to the roots of the matter :-) just like our ancestors used to have great success with growing their own organic food.

If you want to see the entire movie, go to their website
The movie is located at the lower part of their website.
Or you might want to try this other link:
Back To Eden OFFICIAL FILM from ProVisions Productions on Vimeo.

If you love this movie, and I know you will… consider making it a part of your library. The only thing I earn from giving you this awesome gift is good karma. :-)

You can see from watching this film that growing your own organic food is the solution to eating healthy, and maintaining good health, not to mention saving a lot of money. And at the rate things are going worldwide… this knowledge and acting on it could be the means of your survival.

This method is rewarding on many levels. Keeping a healthy environment depends on people en mass getting back to what used to be handed down from generation to generation as necessary wisdom until evil, greedy, big business, with the help of cowardly politicians, decided to take over and snuff out their competition.

Let’s face it… you can’t live without food and water. And whoever controls the food and water… controls life on this planet. Shouldn’t that be in your own hands?

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