Growing Your Own Organic Green Vegetables

Organic SelectionHave you ever thought of using your own organic garden to grow various green vegetables for food and for medicinal purposes? Many different cultures have used food as medicine for centuries.


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Be Wise – Be Health Conscious

When the state of your health is at stake, you need to pay extra attention to everything you eat and drink. It is best to remember that what you eat will either end up helping or hurting your health. If you eat unhealthy food, then most likely, eventually you will become unhealthy also.

Most of the vegetables in the super markets and grocery stores are products of a mix of many different chemicals coming from the fertilizers and pesticides that many farmers are using to speed up the growing process and to destroy the pests from the crops.

Can you just imagine you and your family eating those plants with the cocktail of chemicals that comes with them? Even if you try washing the produce properly, you cannot totally remove all of the chemicals that seep into the plants. With that, you may experience serious health complications in the future if you continue to consume them on a regular basis.

Nothing Is Impossible!

Hard at Work


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Many people engage in organic gardening, not only because it is cost effective, but also it is the best way to take care of their family’s health. When their loved ones eat organic green vegetables, they are more at ease since they know that these vegetables are safe and free from any harmful chemicals and will give them the nutrients they need to maintain good health and vitality.

Though many people believe in the benefits of organic gardening, some people are still skeptical about doing it themselves since growing green vegetables may sound complex and may seem like a difficult task. However, that is not the case because all you need to have is the space for your garden… which you can grow in your yard or in containers inside your home, sunlight, water and a little bit of your precious time. If others can grow their own green vegetables, so can you!

Benefits Check… Without A Doubt!

If you are still unsure whether you should pursue having your organic garden, then here are some benefits that will inspire you to grow organic vegetables now!

  • Ensure food safety. Since you know what’s going in your organic garden and you get to monitor all of your vegetables, you are sure that what you and your family are eating is safe for consumption.
  • Improve overall health. In the absence of chemicals, growing green vegetables naturally will assure that you are getting nutrient dense food filled with vitamins and minerals.
  • Save money.
  • Enjoy better tasting food!

 Here is a video about how to grow an organic vegetable garden. Feel free to comment below.

Done pulling weeds in the garden. Got my first pick. Green onions and spinach. Awesome! Nothing like organic vegetables on your plate.


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