Heirloom Beans

Forgotten “Pantry Food” Could Be…

The World’s Healthiest Storable Survival Food!

Forgotten and Embarrassingly “Simple To Use” Survival Super-Food Now Available
For Pennies
On The Dollar!

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever looked at buying a supply of emergency food, you know the stark reality:

Emergency food storage seems to be a tradeoff.

You sacrifice the rich taste, flavor, and nutrient density of whole foods for the practicality of more long-term, shelf-stable foods.

Until now, that is.

I want to tell you about an impressive, but forgotten whole food that’s perfect for emergency food storage. It’s nature’s ultimate high protein super food… practically bursting not only with precious protein, but also vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other necessary survival nutrients.

I’m talking about certain types of dried beans. Not only are they a must-have survival food, but they’re also a major money-stretcher when budgets are lean. To my knowledge, there is no natural food on the planet that delivers so much nutrition for so little cost.

But first things first. You simply can’t ignore the flavor of the heirloom varieties. It’s another story altogether. For most Americans, dried beans from the grocery store are horribly bland and boring. And, unfortunately, many people never learn to like beans at all because they’ve never tasted fresh heirloom beans. That’s what happens when you’re forced to settle.

But That’s All Changing Fast!

Despite the existence of over 15,000 bean varieties in the world today, only a handful of them ever make it to your local grocery store.

The dried beans you buy at the grocery store sit around in storage silos for at least four years before they make it to the store shelves.

And chances are, those “Big-Ag” beans are the ones you’ve tasted and hated. That’s because the vast majority of beans that really taste great aren’t suited for the brute-force, industrialized farm-to-market techniques large commercial farmers use today.
What you’re left with, commercially, are a handful of “Pesticide-Herbicide Ready” varieties that can handle the harsh treatment that passes for farming today. They may make it to market cheaply enough… but they taste like rat poison!

Almost all grocery store beans, by the way, sit around in stifling hot storage silos and warehouses for four years before they even make it to grocery store shelves. To me, that’s something scary.

Why Almost Everyone Is Wrong About Dried Heirloom Beans As The Ultimate Survival Food!

But it’s time to forget everything you’ve ever heard about beans as a tool for self-reliance. This is a story almost no one knows about. In fact, you’ve probably never really tasted beans, at least not the way God intended beans to taste anyway.

So what’s the down and dirty of all of this? It’s this: I think we’re onto something. I think this is the greatest self-reliance story ever told. Here’s why:

For People With Food Intolerances, Typical Emergency Food Storage
Is A Minefield!

Food intolerance is a growing health problem … and typical emergency survival food (such as freeze dried and dehydrated meals) contains ingredients that some people just can’t tolerate. But not Soup Bean Survival! Our beans are naturally free of wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose, casein, soy, corn, tree nuts, and peanuts. Now in an emergency, you won’t have to choose between hunger and your health!

My name is Bill Heid, and my company, Solutions From Science, sells products that help people to get off-the-grid and become more self-reliant. For quite some time now, we’ve been wanting to offer our customers a nice selection of dried beans. For us, selling dried beans is a no-brainer… except for one thing:

The dried beans that you can get in most grocery stores are, in my humble opinion, something to be avoided at all costs, for all the reasons I mentioned earlier.

No, if we were going to sell dried beans, I wanted them to be the absolute best beans in the world. Not only did I want the absolute freshest beans available (because of the tremendous nutritional and shelf life issues), but they also would have to have something extra.

They Would Have To Be The Best Tasting Beans In The World Today. Period.

And after quite a search by our international seed buyer, we finally found what we think are perfect beans. We’ve stocked up these beans for ourselves and now we’re offering this remarkable bean stock to our friends and customers in a very special package we’re calling “Soup Bean Survival.”

Here’s the story: We found these rare heirloom beans on a farm in California’s Sacramento Valley, grown by a farmer whom we’ve fondly nicknamed “The Bean Doctor.”

The Bean Doctor is not a traditional farmer. He’s a little quirky, a little secretive and He only grows rare heirloom beans, with rich cultural histories going back hundreds of years. I’ve never seen a grower whose “heart is in it” like this guy. He isn’t just a farmer, he’s also a historian, anthropologist, and explorer all rolled into one. (Show him a bean he’s never seen before, and he’s as excited as if he won the Powerball lottery.)

The Bean Doctor has also, single-handedly, saved a number of heirloom bean varieties from the brink of obscurity. Some of these beans are so rare that he’s had to pay a fortune for just a handful of beans for seed stock. But he’s such a plant genius and once he gets a few of the rare seeds in the ground, the rest is almost magical. In a few seasons of careful stewardship, he can literally bring a rare or obscure variety of bean back to life.

But it’s not their near-extinction status that make these beans so valuable. And it’s not their astonishing nutrient-density. It’s not even their striking beauty as each variety has its own colorful, distinctive markings. Nope, none of those things make these beans so sought after, so valuable. What is it then?

And Why The Heck Are Five-Star Chefs From All Over The United States Lining Up And Almost Begging For These Heirloom Beans?

The answer lies in their extraordinary flavor.

From a culinary perspective, the heirloom beans we’ve put together in the new Soup Bean Survival kit are truly exceptional. In fact, I don’t believe you will find any beans on the planet with better taste!

And that’s not all. Each variety in the package has its own distinctive flavor and texture. Creamy… meaty… buttery… hearty… delicate… each one is different from the last. The “Eye of the Goat” bean, for example, is as different from the Green Flageolet bean as a Barnett Vineyards Cabernet Savignon is from a Babcock Winery Pinot Grigio.

Until now, rare heirloom beans have only been available to top chefs.
Any chef worth his salt knows that truly outstanding food is all about the quality of the ingredients. And that’s why the distinctive flavor and texture profiles of these heirloom beans are so highly prized by chefs and gourmands almost everywhere on earth.

More and more, gourmet chefs hound heirloom bean growers (and especially our friend Dr. Bean) to plant more of these rare varieties. They leave no stone unturned to find supplies of them. And when they discover a cache of them, they keep the source close to their chests – because they don’t want to have to share their “hidden treasure” with anyone. In fact, these big-time chefs love these beans so much that sometimes they’ll buy out entire inventories leaving nothing for ordinary folks.

These Rare Heirloom Beans Are Simply Not Available To The Public Unless You Know
Someone Well Connected In The Bean World

Order Now To Claim Your Supply!

More and more people are discovering the tremendous taste of heirloom beans, and supplies are going fast. Here’s what to do right now: Lock in your supply of Soup Bean Survival. Only one farm in the entire country grows the beans for this special combination package, and once the most recent harvest is sold out, it will be months (next harvest) until more become available.

If you’re already a bean lover, Soup Bean Survival will take your enjoyment to a whole new level. If you were indifferent to beans before, you’ll be glad you gave these a try. And if you’ve never eaten beans before, why not start with the very best?

For the absolute fastest service order on line by clicking the button below.

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