How to Build Raised Bed Gardens, a Practical Solution

raised beds

Are you having a hard time with maintaining your garden? Or, do you feel like your crops or flowers are not getting enough nutrients from the soil? Fret not – Raised bed gardens can come to the rescue!

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What Are Raised Bed Gardens?

Raised bed gardens, also known as garden boxes, are built on top of your soil. They are perfect for cultivating soil and for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers. These garden boxes can be contained with the use of wood or stones and can be of free form with the incorporation of soil and other amendments piled above the ground.

What Can You Get from Building Raised Bed Gardens?

The idea of building raised bed gardens can take care of many gardeners’ dilemma … poor soil condition. When you build raised bed gardens, you can take charge of the texture and ingredients you will be mixing into your soil. With that, you can cultivate good soil and harvest good crops.

Other than saving your garden from poor soil conditions, raised bed gardens offer several other benefits such as:

  • When filled with soil mixture, raised beds provide an excellent drainage, hence, making gardening and cultivating of crops easy.
  • The soil becomes deep, loose and fertile, thereby, improving not only soil drainage but also its aeration and root penetration. With this, crops will grow and produce better yields with raised bed gardens.
  • They reduce the chances of having back strain brought about by over bending.
  • The soil does not get compacted because a pathway is provided for walking.
  • Less maintenance is needed once you are done with the initial construction of raised bed gardens.

How Can You Build Your Own Raised Bed Garden?

Many gardeners utilize contained garden boxes since they are great for growing veggies, flowers and herbs. There are many materials you can use for the construction of your raised beds; however, wood is most commonly used since it is easy to work with and more economical.

To jumpstart your raised beds, let us discuss how to construct them with the use of wood. Here are five simple steps to follow:

  1. Mark off the spot you are going to use as your site for gardening.
  2. Determine the area and size of raised bed gardens.
  3. Dig up to your desired depth.
  4. Construct bed using wood.
  5. Make sure that your soil amendments are of the same level while you are filling it up.
Here is a video that you can watch about how to build a raised bed garden. Hopefully you find the video helpful.

Let’s know how your raised beds turn out!  Leave a comment about your experience with this method of gardening.



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