How to Get Rid of Weeds from Your Garden

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Imagine this, you have given a lot of your time and effort in making your garden beautiful. As you look into your garden each day, you begin to notice uninvited, little creatures that seem to be invading your garden. Weeds are everywhere! They compete with your plants and they become unsightly for you!

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Now, you are in the process of thinking of the best solution to removing those weeds from your garden. But, you do not know where to start. Controlling weeds can be done using various methods. And, it is up to your own discretion to choose which method is best for you!

Weeds Are Everywhere, They Grow Anywhere

To put into a simple definition, weeds are those plants that grow vigorously and hinder the growth of the desirable plants in a garden. With that definition, you should first be able to know which plants are desirable for you and which plants do you consider as weeds.

Herbicides Destroy Both Good and Bad Plants

You may have thought of using herbicides or any weed killers to eliminate and control the weeds in your garden. However, since you are an organic gardener, herbicides are not the perfect solution for you! Both good and bad plants are affected by herbicides, since they contain chemicals that are harmful to plants, animals, and people.

There are ways of how to control and eliminate weeds in a natural way without harming those desirable plants in your garden. You need not to introduce chemicals and you only have to employ strategies to eradicate the weeds in your garden!

 Play this video and learn some tips on how to deal with weeds.

How To Control Them

The best way to quickly and effectively eradicate weeds is through nipping their buds while they are still small. You need to remove those seedlings that will eventually grow into big, bad weeds so that next time you will be able to easily recognize which seedlings need to be eliminated from your garden. Then you can prevent the outspread of those weeds. Also, pull the weeds up and make sure to remove all of their roots from the soil. Dispose of them so they will not come back again.

When you have pretty much gained control over your garden, your desirable plants do not need to compete with weeds for sunlight and nutrients. With that, your plants will grow healthy and strong because there are no weeds pestering them.

There are two effective ways on how to control weeds. These are:

  1. Weed cultivation. This is a process wherein the surface of the soil is broken down to help in the removal of weeds. When the soil becomes moist, you can either manually pull the weeds out or remove them though the use of a hoe or cultivator.
  1. Mulching. This is a process of covering up those areas that blocks sunlight and inhibits growth of plants from underneath. You can apply two to three inches thick layered mulch on those areas to prevent the outgrowth of weeds.

To your beautiful, weed free garden! Please leave a comment for us here.


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