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Mulches can be super important for any organic garden because it helps your plants to grow as healthy as they possibly can. This means a clean soil base, a weed free area, and reduced chances of having pests invade your precious fruits, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. You can do this best by having the most appropriate types of mulches for your organic garden.

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What is Mulch?

Mulches can be divided into two main categories, namely organic and inorganic. The organics are such things as dead grass, rotting branches, basically anything that decomposes… and this is what we want if we are aiming for an organic garden.

Then again, some people feel that there will be times when inorganic mulches like plastic is useful since they can retain and distribute heat more effectively, thus keeping your plants warm at night.

Watch this short video on how to garden organically using natural mulch.

Know More About Organic Mulches

Now since we are aiming for an organic garden, let’s place our focus on some of the more organic types of mulches for your organic garden. For the sake of convenience, the types included here are those you can easily get a hold of.

  • Grass

    Whenever you mow your lawn and sweep aside or capture the grass in a bag on your lawn mower, you already have there a pile of ready to use organic mulch. Grass is practically the easiest to get since it is an abundant source, it grows everywhere and it easily rots.

  • Leaves

    If you live in a place where trees make it a regular habit to shed their leaves, then all you have to do is collect them. Like grass, leaves are everywhere and you really don’t have to make that much of an effort in order to get them. Just rake up a lot of them to help make mulch.

  • Wood chippings

When strong winds blows down limbs from your trees… grind them up and use them for mulch! Also, when the city sends out the maintenance trucks to chop down tree limbs that are too close to power lines… ask to purchase them. Usually the price is very cheap because they simple get rid of them anyway. So you will be doing them a favor. Lumber mills that have not treated the woods with chemical preservative are also good sources for wood chips.

  • Paper

Use old newspapers as a source for your mulch. Shred them up so they will have a much easier time rotting.

Mulching will make your life a lot easier and make gardening a lot more fun too.




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