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Benefits of Solar Ovens For Cooking
People have known the powers of the sun for thousands of years. But it was only recently that we’ve truly harnessed the sun’s capabilities in reducing our fuel consumption. Cooking is not an exception as solar ovens are gaining popularity for the many benefits they provide us with. Image by EBKauai via Flickr Solar Ovens A solar oven is a device that utilizes the energy emanated by sunlight [...]
Solar Generator
Last train out to get off the grid? Amazing "Solar Generator" Is Like Having A Secret Power Plant Hidden In Your Home!   Solar Powered Backup System Provides Instant Electrical Power In Any Outage Or Disaster. Even Better… Backup Kit Produces A Virtual Endless Supply Of Electricity Are You Ready For Unexpected Power Outages?   If you have ever wanted to have an emergency “backup” [...]
Solar Power Station
New PowerHub1800 Generates Four Times As Much Power!  PowerHub 1800 Run Times PowerHub 1800 Runtimes (single battery box with 200 AH battery) Office Applications Watts Runtime Laptop 65 22 h Inkjet printer 8 218 h 20 min Cell phone 5 396 h Table lamp 25 54 h 45 min 17” LCD monitor 35 49 h 50 min Table light 40 W 40 43 h Table light 60 [...]
Solar Oven
 New Solar Oven Cooks Food Even When You Don’t Have Wood, Gas, or Electricity!...   Cook Food Using Only The Sun! Now You Can Harness the Power of the Sun to Cook Up Delicious Meals Anywhere!   The list of threats the U.S. faces grows with every passing week. Hyper-inflation. Obviously, cooking a meal would be impossible for most people without electricity or natural [...]
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