The Reason Why You Should Grow Your Own Organic Food

Growing your own organic food is more important today than it ever has been… for several reasons.

The first reason is that you can save lots of money. I don’t know if you have noticed

With the shaky economy and so many people facing unemployment, being able to walk out to your own backyard with a basket and choose what you want to eat can help you save money and sleep better at night.that lately… almost every week the price of food is increasing.

Your own garden can make the difference of whether you and your family go hungry or not. That is an extreme reason but nevertheless a real possibility.

Another reason why you should grow your own organic food is because you really don’t know what you are buying at the grocery store.

Can you be sure that the food you are bringing home from the market is not some form of genetically modified frankencrop or some of the heavy laden pesticide sprayed crop or some food that you think is organic but that was just labeled as such to rip you off? Like some of the “organic” food I bought from Wal-Mart that lasted more than a month in the refrigerator, very suspect…, and then later exposed as flat out lies in marketing?

One great reason to grow your own organic food is that it can be very relaxing and healing to connect with the elements in that way.

Stress is a major factor in causing people to have belly fat. So in a real sense… gardening can help you lose weight in one of the hardest places to get rid of it… by helping you reduce the nasty cortisol.

So… do some gardening to help you calm down, lower your stress level, then lower the cortisol, and get rid of belly fat.

Another reason to grow your own organic food is because it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

It feels so wonderful to see that first bit of life that you have nurtured come through the soil and into being… it is so rewarding. You have to experience it!

When you do your own gardening, the focus in on quality, not quantity like big agriculture… that is concerned about making the biggest profit and doing whatever it takes to make sure the food stays on the shelves of the grocery stores long enough to sell all of it and not lose any money in the process.

The final reason to grow your own organic food it that it taste so good!

There’s nothing like opening a pod of organic peas from your garden and eating them on the spot! Talk about yummy! Oh, yes, it is so good!

One last thing… the nutritional value is so much better. Better food, better health, better living. 

Now go and get started on growing your own organic food and then come back to visit us soon and tell us all about it and leave us some gardening tips. Thank you.


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